Peace Together Uganda: Mission

Through education and development programs for holistic growth, PTU enables people to build communities through mutual support. We do this through spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, and material development in hopes that our education concept/identity should lead to fraternal relations with our families, communities, other religions, ethnicities, and nations in order to promote true unity and world peace.


To achieve unity, we strive to engage in developmental programs such as:
  • Education: Where children have access to formal schooling
  • Health: Where the community is trained in proper health and hygiene care
  • Economic Activities: Where the communities can generate income to enable them to have a decent living
  • Psychological/Social/Culture Capacity Building: To provide communities and individuals with programs thatimprove their relationship with others.


  1. Paying school fees and providing scholastic materials to students of the program.
  2. Engaging the guardians of the students into piggery farming as an income generating activities ensuring a self-sustainability goal.
  3. Empowering the families of the students by involving their guardians into art work from which they earn income to meet their family basic needs.
  4. Involving the kids less than 16 years of age in a football/soccer kids' league to enable them to develop their skills and develop healthy relationships among fellow teens.
  5. Music, dance and drama with the youth/students as a tool of social and cultural support.


We envision a united world in which all humankind no matter race, age or condition in virtue of their dignity as human persons, have inalienable rights to education and development. Global peace and unity is our destiny.

Board of Directors

Board members are chosen on the basis of one's ability to build community peace, trustworthiness and professional competence and do not receive monetary pay or otherwise for their work. The Board of Directors meets and works to further the vision of PTU and act as leaders in the community.

Contribute to the Cause

Quick Facts about PTU

  • PTU is community inspired, established, and run.
  • PTU became a registered CBO with the Pader Local Government in 2007 and is a member of the Pader NGO Forum
  • PTU has a partnership with a student group at the University of Illinois and the University YMCA

Student Scholarship Program

  • PTU and IC sponsor 20 students with outstanding need and potential through student scholarship. Scholarship funds are paid directly to the school to cover the costs of student fees and cost of attendance.

Internship Program

  • The PTU intern program offers international and Ugandan Graduate students an invaluable opportunity for practical field experience in health education and disease prevention projects. The need for health education in Northern Uganda is very great, and the interns play an important role in improving the quality of life and health outcomes among the communities they serve.

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